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Slide notes: To understand when we need to operate the Alerter Dispatcher on a dedicated basis, we visit the system Main Parameters, at Systems Administration.




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Slide notes: Our system Message Settings that we choose will determine whether we need to use Alerter Dispatcher.




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Slide notes: Each of the Message options include the 3 Alerter dispatch methods, i.e. IES mail, e-mail and SMS. If we always use only IES mail, then we do not need to operate Alerter Dispatcher. However, if we allow use of e-mail or SMS or both, then we need the Alerter Dispatcher.




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Slide notes: The message settings are moderated by the 2 options for e-mail and SMS, and whether they are enabled or not. If either are enabled, then we need Alerter Dispatcher, otherwise the system will deliver messages by e-mail and / or SMS to Dispatcher, but if the Dispatcher is not active, then the messages can never reach their destination.




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Slide notes: It is possible to use only e-mail or only SMS, or both, but if either are to be used, then Alerter Dispatcher is required to run.