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IES Knowledge Base: Cash Book




What is the Cash Book ?

How the Cash Book Application is presented in IES


The Cash Watch

The Cash Watch offers multiple Cash Flow projection streams, the perfect handle to keep an eye on your Cash streams
Cash Flow Projections


Bank Recon Management

"Bank Recon" is a wonderful instrument in IES
What is a Bank Recon ?
Import Templates make it easy to use electronic pages from the Bank
Import Templates
While managing Bank Pages, we may occasionally need a Bank Page Totals report
Bank Page Totals Report
A Bank Recon is so easy to set up and maintain
How to set up a new Recon
Connecting Recon Accounts
Maintaining a Recon Master
Replacing a Recon or getting rid of it is equally easy
Discontinue a Recon
Remove a Recon Master


Performing Bank Recons

The objective is to clear the Bank Sections on the Recon
Understanding what we want to do with the Recon
When the Recon is brand new, it requires a Page Zero !
What is Page Zero ?
On a new Recon, choose "new Bank Page"
Update Page Zero
Confirm Page Zero
Any Recon process will use the "scanning" function
The Scan options
Recon Totals may be used at any time for quick checking ...
Recon Totals
Working with new and current Bank Pages
Opening the Bank Pages
Charge Journals
Deposit Journals
Page Balances must agree with real Bank Pages
Bank Page Numbers may be local
Removing Pages
Verifying Pages
Matching is a must !
Why do we match ?
When can we match ?
Auto Matching
Assisted Matching
User Directed Matching
Undo Matching, or UN-match
Query Matching
Audit Trail for Matching
We print a Recon whenever we need a "view" and also at the end when the Recon is complete
Recon Print
We can have multiple Recons in a Month, but we need at least 1, and when it is complete we move to the next Period
Close, Open Next
The only intolerable condition with a Recon is a variance !
The Variance Assistant
Re-construct a Recon
Backtrack a Recon



Cheques that are used in other Applications are automatically part of the Cash Book
About Cheques
Any Cheque, processed anywhere in IES, can be queried
Query Cheque
A Cheque Report with User selected Date range
Cheque Report
Bank Codes just make capturing of Customer Cheque detail easier
Bank Codes


Cash Ups

Cash Up Statements are used as a worthy Accounts Control for Cash handling
What is it and what for ?
How to work with Cash Up Statements
Cash Up Statements
The Cash Up Control wizard is used to set up 'Cash Up' Accounts
Cash Up Control


Regular Bank Deposits and Journals

A Bank Deposit can be processed as a single or as a series of Journals, depending on local requirements
Bank Deposits
Journal options offered at Cash Book are by no means the only Journals available, because any Journals performed elsewhere will also affect the Cash Book if the Bank Accounts are posted
Automatic Journals for the Bank Account can be performed from the Bank Page console
Automatic Charge Journals
Automatic Deposit Journals