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Unlike the Cash Flow statement which examines how changes in Balance Sheet accounts and income affect the cash and cash equivalents, the Cash Watch is a future Cash Flow projection
What is it?
A Quick Demo

How to make a new Cash Flow Projection

A Cash Flow projection is easily defined from scratch, or parts or all of it learnt from another projection
Starting from scratch
Learning from other Projections

Elements of the Cash Flow: Cash Assets

The cash flow projection comprise elements among which a primary type is Cash Assets
Bank Account(s)
Dated Cash Assets

Elements of the Cash Flow: Revenue Streams

Multiple types of Revenue streams are provided to facilitate construction of the cash flow projection
Dated Income
Recurring Income
Single Debtor
Debtors Group
All Debtors
ODP Deposits
ODP Invoices
ODP Installments
Budgeted Income

Elements of the Cash Flow: Expenditure

Expenditure is a logical element for inclusion in the cash flow projection
Recurring Expense
Dated Expense
Budgeted Expense

Modifying or Removing Elements

How to modify an Element
How to remove an Element

The Projection is re-usable

Many cash flow projection masters are allowed, and it is productive to use any of them again and again with little maintenance
Using a projection again and again

The Projection is removable

If a projection master is no longer required then it can easily be removed
How to remove a projection

How to perform a Cash Flow Projection

A cash flow projection is easily performed in 1 step

Working with different Currencies

A cash flow projection can be presented and even filtered in a Currrency of choice
A projection can be in a specific Currency