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In this session we are busy looking at Business Profiles and we are looking at the Purchase Request Business Profile.


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We select the Profile from the Userís Master Record.



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So as we look at the Purchase Request Profile, the question is: What Is The Purchase Request System?

It is not the Purchase Order System.

It is actually an additional Application that can be used in conjunction with Purchase Orders, but it is not at all required that this be used in order to use Purchase Orders.

But in some instances people will use the Request System and what that means is that Users have an opportunity to put in a Request for something to be Purchased. Then after Authorization, that will be included in the Purchase Order cycle, by being included on the Purchase Order.

So if the Purchase Request System is being used, then each User that uses that System, requires a Business Profile for the Request System.


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On the Business Profile we will indicate an Authorization amount. If it is Zero it means that this User will not act as an Authorizer at all.

If there is a limit, then this User will be able to Authorize Requests for Purchasing of items up to the stated limit.

Then, in this cycle of managing the requests, we have people with Purchase Manager Rights end people with Buyer Rights.

So in the tutorials on the Purchase Request System (Requisitions), we can learn more about this, but basically we have to indicatea profile for each User, and only some Users will have Purchase Manager and / or Buyer Rights.

Then of course there should be at least one link to an Authorizer in the Request System, so that when this User submits a request, then the User can choose from those Authorizers listed, which Authorizer this Request should be submitted to for Authorization, so that it can enter the Purchasing Cycle.