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IES Knowledge Base: Purchasing (Procurement)



Set Up

Purchase Order Control Parameters: -

Where to set the basic PO Controls.


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We can control how Purchase Orders will be numbered.

Purchase Order Numbers

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We can control how Goods Received Events will be numbered.

Goods Received Voucher Numbers (GRV / GRN)

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Purchase Order Management: -

Delivery and Invoice Instruction alternatives may be defined for selection with new Purchase Orders.

Delivery Instructions

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We can have multiple sets of Payment Terms to include with Purchase Orders.

Payment Terms

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Delegated Purchasing for Contracts and Direct Items is an additional and optional Purchasing schema. If we will be using it, then we need to define the Operating Parameters for DDP.

DDP Operating Parameters (Delegated Purchasing)

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It is optional to allocate Direct Purchase Items (not Stock) to Ledger Cost Centres and also Debtor Accounts, and it is also optional whether to apply a markup % on such Charges.

Markup Indicators at GL and AR Debtors

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We may order directly for Job Costing if and when a Direct Order Charge Account is listed on a Job.

Charge Accounts at Job Costing

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Stock Items can be managed with preferred Suppliers, or with 'any' Suppliers.

Preferred Suppliers at Stock Master

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Order Types per Supplier Account can optionally be restricted.

Permitted Order Types at Supplier Accounts

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If we want equivalent Direct Item Codes for all Stock Codes then this can be managed automatically by the system - for systems where Stock Items are commonly ordered as Direct Items rather than as Stock. (See 'Auto Create Direct Order Codes' at Stock Control.

Automatic Direct Codes

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User Profiles for Order Pipes: -

If the Requisition system will be used by some Users to contribute towards the Purchasing cycle, then such Users will need Purchase Requisition Profiles.

Purchase Requisition Profiles

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CP/ASO Orders will always be used when Purchasing is used, and therefore the Users who work with this Order Type will need CP/ASO Business Profiles.

CP/ASO : Central Purchasing

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When there are Warehouse Staff who perform Goods Received steps, but are not allowed to work with the Price detail, then they need a Stock Profile with 'Obscure Prices' checked.

CP/ASO: Hide PO Price Detail

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These Profiles are only necessary when the optional DDP Purchase Order type is allowed in the system.

DDP: Delegated Departmental Purchasing

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This type of Profile will only be required if the Manufacture Application is in use and therefore it's Purchasing sub system. In that case, Users who work with Manufacture Purchasing will need MOD Business Profiles.

MOD: Manufacture on Demand

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