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What is the Alerter ?

Alerter is a sophisticated system that can alert Users to various situations, and performs a lot of background work in addition



What Users would want to know about Alerter

Alerter has benefits for Users, and is easily employed to do your bidding
About your personal settings for Alerter
Setting up and maintaining Triggers
Listing Triggers
Accessing Alerts
Listing Alerts
Some easy examples of Triggers that a User may use
Daily Diary Alert
Daily Task Alert
Menu Process has been used
Retail Stock Update
Data Streamer
Debtor Credit Limit Changed
New PO for Approval
PO Approved
New PO Requisition for Approval
PO Requisition Approved
And some to avoid ...
Generic Alert series 996-999


Alerter Dispatcher

Alerter Dispatcher is an optional utility to support e-mail and SMS Alerts
What is Alerter Dispatcher?
We need to operate Alerter Dispatcher only if we want e-mail and SMS Alerts
When do we need it?
Alerter Dispatcher is provided with an easy install object
How to install: Alerter Dispatch
How to install: Alerter Dispatch e-mail
How to install: Alerter Dispatch SMS -
a) Install Mobile ISP software
b) Disconnect Mobile ISP software / modem
c) Scan for modem type if necessary
Alerter Dispatcher has an interface for configuring the settings
Customize the local settings
Alerter Dispatcher is run on a dedicated basis
Starting the service
If SMS is used, always disconnect Mobile ISP software from modem
If not running from the IES Server itself, ensure access to the WHSE folders
Alerter Dispatcher upgrades and how to apply them
Uninstall Alerter Dispatcher, Install new version and apply


Managing the Alerter

There are standard basic settings for the Users and the Alerter Dispatcher
Alerter settings at the System Parameters
The Monitor may be used continuously, or not
About running the Alerter Monitor
Alerter Monitor also has settings that determine how and when it operates
Operations Settings
The system provides a function for maintaining Trigger types
Trigger Types
Current Triggers may be updated or maintained by the Alerter Administrator
Trigger Updates


Alerter Operational Management Reports

All current Alerts are visible in a queue
List the Queue
The Operations log will reveal what Alerter has been doing
List the Operations Log
The Message log can reveal what messages have been dispatched and how
List the Message Log
Triggers that are currently active may be listed
List the Triggers
Available Trigger Types defined in a Datamart can be listed
List the Trigger Types