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IES Knowledge Base: Physicals






The introductory tutorials help to establish an understanding of concepts in Physicals processing


Introduction to Physicals for Agriculture
Physicals processing and auto Cost Recoveries 

Set up and Control

Local set up and parameters set the stage for how Physicals are processed: -
Default Man Attendance Codes set up
Journal set up and defaults

Cost Recoveries

A few settings are required for auto Cost Recoveries to do the work automatically: -
Recovery Accounts: Man, Machine, Workshop and Contra Accounts for KPI's
Perform Recoveries

Man Attendance

Man Attendance management is executed with these options: -
Man Attendance records
Employees on Activities
Man Gangs
Attendance Codes

Master File objects management

A few Master Files to be set up and maintained to facilitate a lot of automatic processing: -
Vehicle register
Workshop register
Man Work Result types
Man Premi types
Machine Performance units
Resource Classes
Resources master
KPI master

Journal processing

Regular journals are processed for Man, Machine, Workshop and KPI: -
Man journal
Machine journal
KPI journal
Workshop journal
Direct Physical Resource journal
Exporting and Importing journals


A series of Report options are provided for daily Physicals management: Master listings, Balance listings, Audit trails (day and period), Posting listings ...

Journal Enquiries

Man, Machine, KPI and Workshop Multi journal enquiries