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Master File Management

Maintain: Company Control Record
Maintain: Journal Object Logic
Maintain: Master Code Masking
Maintain: Sub Account Master
Maintain: Various Accounting Parameters
Maintain: Document Signatories
Maintain: Modified Audit Trails
Enquiries: Company Control Record
Enquiries: Tax Types
Enquiries: Transaction Types
Enquiries: User Groups



Annual Profit and Loss
Search Engine



Transaction Types
Sub Accounts
Sub Accounts with Values
Document Signatories


Manage: Periods

The Main Period Control Record
Generate New Period(s)
Set Current Active Period
Set Periods = Open
Set Periods = Closed
Set Periods = Fixed
Set Periods = Archived
Period Access User Groups
Query Active Period
View Period Access Explanation


Manage: Currencies

Maintain Currencies
Query Currencies
List Currency Status
Maintain Gain / Loss Accounts
Gain / Loss : Auto Adjust
Exchange Rate Sensing
Gain / Loss Report: General Ledger
Gain / Loss Report: Creditors
Gain / Loss Report: Debtors
Gain / Loss Report: Loans
Date Ranges for Tax Exchange Conversion


Manage: Tax

Maintain Standard Tax Types
Maintain Withholding Tax Types
Tax Report Wizard: Query Tax Run 
Tax Report Wizard: Perform Tax Run
Tax Report Wizard: Tax Report
Tax Report Wizard: Tax Audit Trail 


Manage: Problems

Duplicate Account Key Links, How to Eliminate Them
Forced Reversals
Incomplete Transactions
Rejected Transactions
Purchase Order Support Wizard
Re-Hash All Balances
Re-Hash a Period
System Health Check
Transaction(s) not present on Account Drill


Manage: Interest Linked Accounts

Maintain: Interest Debit and Credit Groups
Maintain: Interest Linked Accounts
Maintain: Interest Rate Groups
Perform: Interest Calculation Run
Query: Interest Debit and Credit Groups
Query: Interest Linked Accounts
Query: Interest Rate Groups
Query: Interest Calculation Run
Report: Interest Debit and Credit Groups
Report: Interest Linked Accounts
Report: Interest Rate Groups
Report: Audit


Manage: Transaction Control

About the Transaction Processor
Status of Transaction Processor
Post Transactions from Queue
Execution of Transaction Processor