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Weighbridge Tickets - FFB

Weighbridge Tickets for Fresh Fruit Bunches are processed for our own Mill, for internal and external supply, and / or for our own supply delivered to another Mill.

Ticket Capture: -
Our internal supply to our own Mill
External supply to our own Mill
Our internal supply to an outside Mill
Ticket Processing: -
Delete Ticket / Ticket Removal
Manual Approval
Bulk Approval
Undo Approval
Manual Posting
Bulk Posting
Reversal of a Ticket
Ticket Query and Drill: -
Any Ticket
Ticket Reports: -
Ticket Report Options


Mill Production - CPO

The Mill produces Palm Oil or Palm Kernel Oil, which we commonly refer to as CPO, and some by-products
New Production
Stock Surplus
Stock Shortage
Stock Transfer

Mill Bidding and Sales

What is it?
Operational Settings are required
Set Up
Payment Instructions
A new Contract starts with an imported bid or capture
New Bids and Contracts
If converted, the Bid becomes an Order and Contract
Convert Bid to Order
Easy steps are performed to manage the Contract life cycle
Retrieve Contract
Delete Contract
Mill Delivery Order
Customer Receipts and Matching
Credit Notes
Goods Cancellation
Close Contract
Prints and Drills
Prior Contracts can be queried or even re-opened
Query or Re-open
Mill Deliveries are managed with direct steps
Retrieve Mill Delivery Order
Document Prints
Reports are provided for ease of management
Reports: Contract Management
Reports: Delivery Management

Mill Sales using Retail

Palm Oil is typically sold from Stock but can also be sold "direct" ...
Stock method, example of a Sale
Direct method, example of a Sale


Mill Set Up

A proper and well planned set up ensures smooth processing of FFB Tickets and Mill processing
Mill primary set up parameters
Mill pseudo Store for CPO
Mill CPO Stock Items and bowsers
FFB Stock Items
Estate and Block Income processing Accounts


Mill Integrated Functions

The Mill module automatically integrates with other related functions required at the Mill
Planned Maintenance
Job Costing